Waterproject that will benefit the organization Kerygma and their work in Benin


Our partnership with the organization Kerygma has led to Water-to-billions supporting the organization Kerygma and their many projects, everything from evangelism to watersupply.

Below is a picture from the "Shelter Ruth" that Kerygma built for vulnerable women who are at risk of ending up in forced marriages. Here they can get food, shelter, schooling and education as well as an opportunity to start their own business. Today the home has the possibility to welcome about 100 women and the organization is based on christians values.

The shelter Ruth for women
The shelter Ruth for women

How do we support Kerygmas organization?

The concept Water-in-a-box

Water-to-billions and Kerygma will start a water fund during 2023 where the goal is to plan and deliver a water plant to Benin in 2023/24. Gifts and contributions received will go unabridged to this water project. Read more about it in the article below. The concept  Water-in-a-box can provide clean water 24/7 to disaster and devoloping countries and areas around the world with. Using renewable energy in a environmentally friendly way. Depending on the need it can be scalable to produce greater utpout of clean water. Installed and ready within 8 hours after delivery if necessary. 

Water fund 2023

Read more about the fund in the article below

Win-win project!

The water that we produce will be a much needed source of income for both parties and for Kerygma it means a well needed contribution to their  many relief efforts. It will be a win-win partnership!

Containerconcept Water-in-a-box
Containerconcept Water-in-a-box